The rapid growth of social media in recent years is a testament to how well it relates to and resonates with the typical human mind. If you want to grow your brand value and take your business to the next level by incorporating social media strategies along with others, then it is imperative to be completely relevant to what your targeted audience is interested in, and your content should be incredibly value-adding and engaging.

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Have you heard of the term ‘Neuromarketing’?

Roger Dooley, Author of Brainfluence and the blog- ‘Neuromarketing’ says


Neuromarketing is not a very new concept for an experienced digital marketing company in New York, USA, but having seen the level of global social media penetration, this is the best opportunity to put the ideas of neuromarketing to work for benefiting your business.

What you need to find out is how your audience thinks?

You can enhance your social media engagement by comprehending a few cognitive processes and observing a few things about your audience.

Neuromarketing As A Tool For Predicting Consumer Decisions

Applying neuromarketing for social media research allows businesses to go beyond big data and also socially desirable responses and behaviors since it reveals true reactions. As a result, the work pays off generously in the end. But, because this is a collaborative activity (businesses require customers’ assistance in collecting data), the marketing strategy should focus on demonstrating to customers how they will benefit.

When you can analyze the collected data successfully which helps you predict your audience’s responses, you can then, tailor your service accordingly. This will eventually help you establish solid relationships with the audience. And when this happens, the audience will trust you better, buy from you repeatedly and stay loyal to your brand.

8 Proven Techniques That Are Backed By Psychological Research

Post Content Which Is Most Likely To Get Shared

If you expect your social media efforts to be rewarding, then you have to be selective when it comes to deciding what content you should post. It doesn’t matter whether you have just begun with your social media page, you must make sure that the content your offer is value-adding for the targeted audience and is very likely to get shared. A top digital marketing agency in the New York, USA knows this very well.

Notice The Viral Content On Your Competitors’ Social Media Pages

Undoubtedly, you will have to compete in your industry to reach your goals. It will be a good thing to observe what type of content your competitors are sharing and which content is gaining the most traction. Then, you can take some inspiration from it and prepare your content. It is always recommended to keep an eye on the activities of your competitors’ businesses and brands.

Share Content That is Relevant, Interesting, And Has Some Humor

Though the content is indeed expected to serve a business purpose, inspire the audience to take an action, and lead to sweet conversions, you can still be funny and run a serious business.

Throughout the three generically defined stages of a buyer’s journey, humor serves a varied role. They are referred to as the funnel’s top, middle, and bottom. Alternatively, our team refers to them as Attract, Engage, and Convert. The entire idea is just the same: how you utilize humor should vary situationally.

You may have to go through some trial and error but you will figure it out.

Share Viral Videos

There must be many videos in your niche that have gained traction and extremely high viewership. It is recommended to share some of those videos with a captivating caption and relevant hashtags. This way, you are quite certain to get likes and shares.

Offer Social Proof

For a variety of reasons, social proof can be a successful marketing strategy. The bandwagon effect, a social psychology concept that asserts that people are more inclined to engage in a specific action if others are also doing it, is the most basic motivational element behind social proof.

Create The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Nobody wants to look back on their lives and think, “What if?” Professional digital marketers in the USA that are astute have capitalized on this consumer anxiety to their advantage. Many consumers would prefer to make an impulse buy than later regret not acting. If you can tap into this psychological trigger, you can gently encourage your prospects to take advantage of an opportunity you are offering on a silver platter.

Audience Inclusivity

If you include your audience in the decision-making, they will feel themselves to be a part of something substantial that will have a direct impact on their brand loyalty. You can achieve this with the help of so many social media activities such as running polls, sharing your opinion and asking for the audience’s feedback, asking for their opinion, and much more.

Give Rewards To Your Audience

If you want your audience’s current behavior towards your brand to continue, you ought to reward it. For example, if they like, comment and share, you must reward that good behavior of the audience. Rewards can be offered in many ways such as thanking them, giving them promotional discounts, early access to new products and information, and more. Rewards can help boost engagement rates and support your business in building its brand value.


Hence, the identification of thoughts and the analysis of individual opinions shared on social networks helps in the comprehension of popular perception and the recommendation of content for users on these platforms.

According to neuromarketing techniques, people use social networks to satisfy their social needs, obtain validation, and create a positive impression on their network, which drives them to behave substantially based on the emotions and behaviours they perceive in others.

Remember that social media is about being social. So, go ahead and make your audience feel how important they are.

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